JP Diagnostics: Suspension Systems

High Quality Suspension System Repairs or Conversions

Are you having problems with your suspension?
We offer a permanent solution to Air-Ride problems

We can understand how frustrating this can be. You need an experienced expert to repair this for you once and for all. And we excel at providing you with high-quality low-cost conversions or repairs for your vehicle.

We will provide both replacement air ride suspension parts, including air springs, air struts, compressors, air bag suspension and dryers, as well as conversion kits that, convert your car to high quality passive suspension systems.

Parts wear out, there is no way around that. We will give you the option of replacing them with top quality passive suspension parts engineered to fit your specific vehicle. We have been implementing suspension conversions for several years, and our customers are HAPPY!

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GM, Chrysler
Ford and Jeep

::: IMPORTS :::
Acura, Daihatsu,
Honda, Hyundai,
Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia
Lexus, Mazda,
Mitsubishi, Nissan,
Subaru, and Toyota